Investing in emerging markets, and in the African continent in particular, requires not only knowledge of the region, but also an appreciation of its cultural, political and linguistic landscape. enfraLEX consultants understand the markets and legal systems they work in and, through their extensive experience, can provide their clients with an invaluable service.

enfraLEX consultants also benefit from their relationships with an extensive network of local counsel and advisors in numerous countries across the African continent.


enfraLEX consultants can act as their clients’ external counsel, or complement or fill their in-house requirements, or assist their projects as a transaction facilitator.

In a transaction facilitator capacity, enfraLEX consultants would coordinate with their clients’ management and other advisers to define strategic objectives, identify potential issues, and structure and implement the project. Further, enfraLEX consultants would filter what is escalated to its clients’ select advisors by retaining and performing those tasks which are managed by them in a more time and cost effective manner, while only communicating and translating what is of critical importance to the business without the highly technical and theoretical language sometimes employed by their advisors.

Breadth of service:

Their wealth of experience enables enfraLEX consultants to offer their clients a wide range of services, including due diligence, advising on project structuring and risk allocation, preparation of bid and contract documentation, assisting fund raising with local and international financial institutions and investors, as well as contract administration and management.


The quality of service provided by enfraLEX consultants is comparable to that provided by major law firms, since each consultant will be solicited on the basis of his or her proven experience and is directly invested in, and responsible for, the service provided.

Competitive rates:

enfraLEX consultants also offer very competitive rates. Further, enfraLEX’s philosophy is that consultants who are the direct beneficiary of revenues are more likely to deliver quality service. As a result of these attributes, clients are more likely to obtain value for money, which is particularly important in these economically challenging times.